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Online Teacher Training & Community

Equipping Children's Leaders for Ministry

The Bible Engagement Project

Resourcing Churches to Study God's Word

Engaging All Ages in the Bible

King's Castle USA

Discipleship & Evangelistic Curriculum

Mobilizing Students to Reach the Lost

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We are a nationally-approved ministry with A/G U.S. Missions. Our focus for 2021 is THE CONNECTION STRATEGY as assigned by AGUSM & Nat'l KidMin Departments is to provide churches with FREE coaching and teacher training using 2 new resources:  HYDRATE and The Bible Engagement Project.

Let us know how we can equip your church families and children's leaders to raise up a generation of Spirit-Filled followers of Jesus!


Digital Learning Community for KidMin Leaders
Kidmin leaders want to be better equipped and more confident, but they don’t always have training opportunities that work for them. That’s why Hydrate offers practical digital training from veteran Kidmin leaders that’s affordable and flexible. When you go through a Hydrate course, your confidence as a leader will grow, and you’ll be inspired to try new things in your ministry.

The Bible Engagement Project

Sixty-six books. One epic story. Bible Engagement Project is the digital curriculum subscription designed to get your church actively engaging with Scripture and expecting to hear from God through its pages. With age-aligned content for preschool, kids, youth, and adults, you can take your whole church through the Bible, or choose the age levels that work for your ministry. Together, we can introduce more people to the power of God's Word!

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KidsQuest is a 1- to 5-day children's crusade that provides churches with evangelistic training and a fast-paced, interactive event to reach children and families in their community. This 1 1/2 hour event can be help in public parks, inside the church walls or as an interactive online event to share the Gospel through clowning, pantomime, Christian illusion and illustrated sermons.

Character Connex

Our mission team provides a 30-45 minute school assembly designed to teach character traits and moral values in elementary schools with a choice of 9 topics: Honesty, Kindness, Respect, Responsibility, Bullying, and more. Each school assembly includes:
- The Opening: A video-countdown builds excitement.
- Games: Students participate in fun activities which set the tone and pace.
- Word on the Street: A short video-clip of kids across the US share thoughts about the character trait being presented.
- Real-Life Drama: The character trait is reinforced by students who are selected to participate in a short skit.
- Super-Cool Illusions: Object lessons are incorporated in the assembly.
- A Talking Board: With the help of a "magic" marker, caricatures come to life on a dry-erase board to reinforce the character trait.


Extensive Online Teacher Training by Certified KCUSA Trainers is FREE for Churches facing Financial Struggles during COVID-19 Pandemic

What is King's Castle (Castillo del Rey)?
King's Castle Int'l (founded by Rev. Don Triplett) is in 41 countries. King's Castle Outreach Teams use drama, dance, human videos, clowning, illustrated sermons & Christian illusion to share the Gospel in the USA and around the world. Castle Club is the discipleship curriculum that empowers students to develop the disciplines of studying God's Word, applying it to their lives and sharing the Gospel by the power and anointing of the Holy Spirit.

Learn more about the Discipleship Curriculum of King's Castle USA?

KCUSA BASIC Outreach Training (Youth & Adults)

Online webinars & interactive evangelism training will prepare youth and adults to develop their talents to share the Gospel using techniques developed by King's Castle International in 41 countries around the world.

Prepare Castle Outreach Teams to serve as Last Harvest Warriors through cross-cultural missions with creative arts, clowning, athletics and illustrated sermons.

Castle Club Teacher Training
(Ages 9-12)

(To use the King's Castle Discipleship Curriculum, intense Teacher Training and background checks are required.)

Introductory class for ALL age levels of Castle Discipleship Curriculum from infants to youth
(including a pre-natal retreat for expectant moms)

Online webinars & interactive teacher training to disciple children to develop the disciplines of studying the Bible, applying God's Word to their lives and sharing the Gospel

Guardians of the Vision
Leadership Development for Ages 9-12 Years

Teacher Training for the Advanced Levels 7-14 of Castle Club

Teacher Training to equip Castle Club students...
     ...with a passion to reach the lost
     ...for leadership development
     ...take the Gospel to all Nations disciple new believers

Nursery, Mini-Castle and
Castle of Joy

Teacher Training to Disciple Children
(PreK - Third Grade)

Topic 1:  Understanding learning styles and age-level classroom capacity for Pre-K and lower elementary students

Topic 2:  Classroom and hands-on Teacher Training to prepare toddlers and preschoolers to learn the Truths of God's Word and develop a relationship with God, their Creator.

Topic 3:  Classroom and hands-on Teacher Training to disciple grade school children using small group rotation for active learning and developing a relationship with God

Download King's Castle USA
Church Application (PDF)

Download King's Castle USA
Curriculum Order Sheet (PDF)

Resources For Outreach, Mission Teams & Teacher Training

Mission Teams & Outreach Events

King's Castle USA has a network of teams across the nation who are ready to be mobilized to reach the lost on school campuses, in the community and around the world through drama, dance, clowning, puppetry, illustrated sermons and Christian illusion.

Outreach Material & Lending Library

Our library of books, children's curriculum (English & Spanish), video series, training material, costumes, puppets and equipment is available to equip youth and children's leaders for effective outreach and discipleship.

Retreat Center with Chapel, Dorms & Obstacle Course

Our Training Center in the High Desert (Northeast corner of Greater Los Angeles) is available for small group retreats and conferences. Our goal is to provide ministry teams or youth groups with comfortable housing, a challenging obstacle course, dorm rooms and a chapel to encounter God's presence. Please call for availability at 562-841-5298

Leadership Training Seminars

Schedule teacher training, leadership development and outreach preparation to equip your lay leaders to disciple and mobilize students to share their faith. We'll come to your church or your leaders & students can attend a 1- to 5-day retreat at our training center in the High Desert. Please call 562-841-5298 for availability on a love-offering basis.